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Mason Collins
Mason Collins

Working Model 2D 2005 V8.0.1.0 SPANISH By Lz0

in the swedish model, the bank provides an opportunity for personal development and projects within the company, he added. these are opportunities that contribute to a healthier workplace and greater productivity.

Working Model 2D 2005 v8.0.1.0 SPANISH by Lz0

the time has come to work for ourselves, with ourselves and with others. this is the new working model, our people strategy. an important milestone in the banking industry, this is a step forward that enables us to offer new possibilities for our people, for our community, for our country, and for our world.

i am convinced that the most important step we can take to face the challenges of our times is to adapt to them. this is why we are working to establish a new working model to face the changing demands of our times. it is only by adapting and innovating that we can evolve as a business, as individuals, as a community and as a society, wrote paloma meijide. and it is only by adapting and innovating that we can prosper,

it is my hope that this new phase, which we have taken as an opportunity to improve ourselves, will be a model to follow for others, not only at bbva, but also in the world. the new working model that we are establishing is our people strategy, which is a way of working based on empowerment and trust toward employees, a culture of consensus-based decision making, and a welfare model based on equality and financial security.

in this new model, managers will be in charge of their teams and, in turn, the teams will be in charge of their work. this is because the team is now the decision-making unit. and by making it their decision, they will help the team to make better decisions. this will lead to greater productivity and happier employees. sounds like a win-win situation.


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