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Samsung Pc Suite For Corby Plus

These tricks are tested and they are working fine.i have also tested in my samsung corby txt b3210 ? they work fine and some which are not working with other models of corby can try other codes which i will post in my next article.

Samsung Pc Suite For Corby Plus


hi,i have a samsung corby gt-s3653, it keeps hanging when receiving and making calls, the call cost icon doesnt go away, the fone freezes, you cant cut the call niether those any key function, but u can still talk to the person on d other line loud and clear. i have searched for any thing on the net that deals with that, but cloud fine none,any idea how to g about it? thanx

@Anonymous hi man, the main problems for hanging up samsung corby gt-s3653 is we load too much of data in our internal memory card and also in external card. if u are using a 2gb card then load upto 1.8 gb and met the rest be free and also the case with 1gb and 4gb. just leave 10 to 20 % of free space. also once scan ur memory card and phone with a latest antivirus and its better to format the mmc card once and reuse it. even if the problem is same then its better to flash ur phone to reset factory settings ?

hi satishi want to instal java based dictionary in my samsung corby matemy phone either tels big size file or invalid java format or java error.will you please kindly give me step by step guidance

Hi anonymous ? as per samsung corby we cant install a java file which exceeds a size of 500kb so we have to crack it with a code which i am finding and will post soon regarding that. and if u want to install any dictionary in ur phone, it has to be a java file or a jad file and make sure u install in your phone from memory card.

Hello expert, I am an Nigeria, I cant use my samsung corby 3210 to send email despite the fact that I have active internet connection on my phone and I can browse, how do i configure the email.I use yahoo

Hello someone,i have a problem with my samsung c3510 corby,any time i tried to play a game,i get a JAVA ERROR message and then d game shut down and d game was successfully install.Pls can anyone help me out.Plss

@Anonymous : Hi, i am 100% sure that *2767*5282# will reset the java code which i regularly use for my samsung corby txt b3210. may be u have to reset the phone to master settings once. this may fix the problem. again if u have any error may be its the java application which has the problem. Nothing else than that ?

These codes will not work on all samsung corby phones sandip. i am trying to find new codes for samsung corby pro and also other models. as soon i find them i will write them in a new post. subscribe my feeds above so that u can get a mail.

Never download the apps which were not verified by good users or sites. the multiuploader which you have installed will erase the old OS and update a new OS which may run or may not. you can flash the phone again and install the OS in the phone. for that you have to go to company service center. bcz no one has the default OS of samsung corby. and never try to install such softwares ?

In Corby u have to stick to the default themes. If you are lucky enough you can try the android theme which is out for samsung pro. just give it a try in youtube. type as samsung corby android skin working. and coming to music player in samsung, u cant change the options. but u can try installing some java apps which are available for free in all over internet.

im having a problem with the touchscreen on my samsung corby. the touchscreen on the top row of the phone does not work. i have tried resetting the phone but that didnt work. is there anything i can do ?

hello sir , i m using samsung b3210 corby txt & this phone can not instal applications above 500 sir please give me the code for increasing the max. jar size of this phone. sir , i have tried another codes for increasing jar size that u have suggested but they did not work on this model . so please sir help me , thank u

Hello! I badly need help with regards to my samsung corby 2 phone. I dont know what i had pressed that suddenly i am writting letters to be able to send an sms message instead of clicking the letters in my whole keypad. Please badly need your help.

hii am using samsung corby colours s3653i have a lot of important text messages in my messages folderi want to have a backup of all the messages in my computeri have already installed Samsung New PC Studiois it possible to transfer messages in phone memory to memory card or my computer through pc studio???if so how?pls helpi dont know how to use pc studiopls pls plstnx a lot

Hi,I would like to install new font to my samsung corby2,but the size of font too big and my phone internal memory not full enough to install it.Is it anyways to increase the internal memory of my corby 2?

hey dear, pls help me. Nowadays i am getting very crazy about conversation view for msgs. Thats really ausumn. Does samsung corby s3653 has that facility? If yes tell me how. I can do anything for that. I would be very happy if u cud find this out.

hello,i use a samsung genio qwerty(corby txt).The music player no more registers my music on my memory card bt its still existent on the memory card and can play on the card.Why is the music player not responding/


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