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How to Download The Black Prince Full Movie in Hindi with Torrents

The Black Prince: A Historical Drama About the Last Sikh Maharaja

If you are interested in learning about a fascinating chapter of Indian and British history, you might want to watch The Black Prince, a 2017 movie that tells the story of Duleep Singh, the last king of Punjab and the Sikh Empire. The movie explores his life from his childhood to his adulthood, as he struggles to balance his identity, loyalty, and destiny. Here is everything you need to know about The Black Prince, including its plot, cast, reviews, and how to watch it online or download it.

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The Black Prince is a historical drama film directed by Kavi Raz and featuring the acting debut of Satinder Sartaaj, a popular Punjabi singer and poet. The movie also stars Amanda Root as Queen Victoria, Shabana Azmi as Rani Jindan, Jason Flemyng as Dr. Login, David Essex as Colonel Hurbon, and Ameet Chana as Aziz-Ud-Din. The movie was released worldwide on July 21, 2017, in English, Hindi, and Punjabi languages. It was produced by Brillstein Entertainment Partners, a Hollywood-based company.

The movie is based on the true story of Duleep Singh, the youngest son of Ranjit Singh, the powerful ruler of the Sikh Empire that spanned most of northern India in the early 19th century. Duleep Singh became the king of Punjab at the age of five, after his father's death. However, he soon lost his throne and his homeland to the British Empire, which annexed Punjab in 1849. He was separated from his mother and sent to England, where he was raised by a British guardian. He grew up as a loyal subject of Queen Victoria, who treated him with affection and respect. However, he also faced discrimination and prejudice from some British officials and society members.

As he matured, Duleep Singh began to question his identity and his place in the world. He reestablished contact with his mother, who encouraged him to embrace his Sikh heritage and reclaim his kingdom. He also met other Indian nationalists and revolutionaries who supported his cause. He made several attempts to return to India and challenge the British rule, but he was constantly thwarted by political obstacles and personal dilemmas. He died in Paris in 1893, at the age of 55.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a flashback scene of Duleep Singh's coronation as the king of Punjab in 1843. He is only five years old and does not understand what is happening. His mother, Rani Jindan, tries to protect him from the intrigues and conspiracies of his courtiers and relatives. She also tries to resist the encroachment of the British East India Company, which wants to take over Punjab.

In 1849, after two wars between the Sikhs and the British, Punjab is annexed by the latter. Duleep Singh is deposed from his throne and taken away from his mother. He is put under the guardianship of Dr. Login, a British surgeon who educates him in English culture and values. He is also converted to Christianity.

At the age of 15, Duleep Singh is sent to England where he meets Queen Victoria for the first time. She is impressed by his intelligence and charm and invites him to stay at her palace. She also gives him a generous pension and a country estate. Duleep Singh becomes a favorite of the queen and her family. He also enjoys the pleasures of high society and falls in love with Ada Wetherill, an English lady.

However, he also faces some challenges and conflicts in his new life. He is discriminated against by some British officials who resent his royal status and privileges. He is also prevented from seeing his mother or visiting India by Lord Dalhousie, the Governor-General of India who orchestrated Punjab's annexation.

Duleep Singh finally manages to reunite with his mother in Calcutta in 1861 after she is released from prison by Queen Victoria's intervention. He is shocked to see her frail and blind condition. She tells him about his true history and identity as a Sikh king and urges him to renounce Christianity and reclaim his throne.

Duleep Singh is torn between his loyalty to Queen Victoria and his duty to his people. He decides to follow his mother's advice and reconverts to Sikhism. He also marries Bamba Muller, a half-German half-Ethiopian woman who shares his faith.

He then begins a series of attempts to return to India and challenge British rule over Punjab. He seeks support from various sources such as Irish rebels, Russian diplomats, Afghan rulers, French politicians etc., but none of them prove reliable or effective.

He also faces opposition from Queen Victoria who feels betrayed by his actions. She tries to persuade him to give up his ambitions and remain loyal to her.

Duleep Singh never succeeds in reaching India or regaining his kingdom. He spends most of his later years in exile in France with his wife and children. He dies there in 1893 without fulfilling his dreams.

Critical Reception

- H2: Critical Reception - Some praised it for its historical accuracy, its production values, its performances, and its portrayal of a lesser-known figure of Indian history. - Some criticized it for its slow pace, its lack of emotional depth, its melodramatic tone, and its biased perspective. - Some compared it to other historical movies such as Gandhi, The Last Emperor, and The King's Speech. - H2: Conclusion - The Black Prince is a movie that tries to shed light on the life and legacy of Duleep Singh, the last Sikh Maharaja who was exiled by the British Empire. - The movie shows his struggles to balance his identity, loyalty, and destiny as he faces various challenges and conflicts in his personal and political life. - The movie also explores his relationship with Queen Victoria, who was both his friend and his foe. - The movie is a historical drama that aims to educate and entertain viewers who are interested in learning about a fascinating chapter of Indian and British history. - The movie is available to watch online or download from various platforms such as Google Play Movies, YouTube, Apple TV etc. - H2: FAQs - H3: Who was Duleep Singh's father? - Duleep Singh's father was Ranjit Singh, the founder and ruler of the Sikh Empire that spanned most of northern India in the early 19th century. He was known as the Lion of Punjab for his military prowess and his religious tolerance. He died in 1839, leaving behind a weak and divided succession. - H3: What happened to Duleep Singh's mother? - Duleep Singh's mother was Rani Jindan, the youngest and most influential wife of Ranjit Singh. She was a fierce and courageous woman who tried to protect her son and his kingdom from the British invasion. She was imprisoned and tortured by the British for her resistance. She was later released and reunited with her son in Calcutta. She died in London in 1863. - H3: Did Duleep Singh ever return to India? - Duleep Singh never returned to India after he left it as a child. He made several attempts to do so but he was always stopped by the British authorities or by his own personal problems. He died in Paris in 1893 without seeing his homeland again. - H3: What was Duleep Singh's religion? - Duleep Singh was born as a Sikh, the religion of his father and his people. He was converted to Christianity by his British guardian when he was a teenager. He later reconverted to Sikhism after meeting his mother and learning about his heritage. He remained a Sikh until his death. - H3: How did Duleep Singh die? - Duleep Singh died in Paris in 1893 at the age of 55. He suffered from a stroke and a brain hemorrhage. He was buried in Elveden Church in England. His remains were later moved to India by his descendants in 1992.


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