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Daddy 's Daughter Hindi Movie Mp3 Song Download

And as a bonus, some of these classic songs for dad, like Luther Vandross's "Dance With My Father" and Beyoncé's "Daddy" double as perfect choices to play at weddings during the celebratory father-daughter dance.

Daddy 's Daughter hindi movie mp3 song download

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The endlessly inventive poet and singer Gil Scott-Heron penned this tender record from the perspective of a father speaking to his daughter. The song is both a mea culpa, and a pledge of unending love, the kind of message that will surely resonate with anyone who's been affected by the strain of their parents' relationship.

Camila Cabello brought tears to everyone's eyes at the 2020 Grammy's when she sang "First Man" to her dad, who was sitting in the front row. The song has since become a modern favorite for fathers and daughters everywhere.

This song details all the supportive things that fathers do, through beautiful lyrics like "Like a lighthouse in a storm, you were always guiding me." If the tune sounds familiar, it's from the Pixar movie Onward, which is also about dads, and therefore a perfect Father's Day movie.

A song fit for a father-daughter dance, Chrisette Michele details the relationship between a dad and his daughter, especially as she grows up and finds love of her own. "You'll always be my father and I'll always be your joy," she sings. Cue the tears.


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