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Day TrippersThe Bold Type : Season 5 Episode 4

Character Shilling: Jane. While some shilling is to be expected, as she is loosely based on real-life Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles, whose career inspired the show, the show keeps insisting that she's a brilliant young writer while never actually showing most of her writing. Later seasons also push the notion that she will become the new Editor-in-Chief at Scarlet, but when she's given her own bullpen to lead, she fails so badly at management that one of the writers quits and the other writer complains that Jane is ignoring her. The nadir is probably "Day Trippers", in which Jacqueline formally announces her plans to make Jane her successor - after an episode in which Jane not only ignores Jacqueline's orders to take a day off to deal with her obvious stress, but instead shows up to work high as a kite.

Day TrippersThe Bold Type : Season 5 Episode 4

Sommelier Véronique Rivest is world-famous, let alone Canada famous, and this small space is where she's settled after taking the wine world by storm. The 120-plus bottles on Soif's ever-transforming wine list have the element of surprise in common; although they're not all big, bold showstoppers, they're all noteworthy and truly memorable, either because they challenge the palate, because they come from little-known wine regions, or because they're simply the very best possible complement to chef Jamie Stunt's menu of seasonal small plates. 041b061a72


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