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Download Toca 2 Touring Cars Pc

The game received "favorable" reviews on both platforms according to video game review aggregator GameRankings.[4][5] Official UK PlayStation Magazine said the PlayStation version was an improvement on the original game, with many tracks, but that "the new cars felt tacked on".[2] Rick Sanchez of NextGen said of the same console version, "Hands down, TOCA 2 [is] one of the best touring-car sims available, and one of the best new driving games for PlayStation."[16]

Download Toca 2 Touring Cars Pc

T2TC once again takes players into the world of car racing, where the best drivers compete fiercely on closed circuits. Contrary to its name, the touring car class has little to do with series-produced cars. Admittedly, the players compete by sitting behind the wheel of such cars as: However, Honda Accord, Audi A4, Vauxhall Vectra, Volvo S40, Ford Mondeo, Nissan Primera, Peugeot 406 and Renault Laguna are vehicles that have little in common with series production. The latest Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini models can only dream about the performance of some of them. 350c69d7ab


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