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When I entered orthopaedic residency 25 years ago, women were few and far between. The gender imbalance did not seem so odd to me a quarter-century ago. My undergraduate degree was from a university that had recently grappled with co-education and my medical school class was nowhere near 50% women. Women were just starting to enter a number of fields and I always assumed that orthopaedic surgery would attract more and more women. But 25 years is a long time. What is the message that we send to young women when they find that they make up only 10% of orthopaedic surgery residents?

young boys models nn

Women do not necessarily need female mentors to attract them to orthopaedic surgery. Many male orthopaedic surgeons can and do serve as outstanding mentors and role models. The keys to attracting more women include making the culture more welcoming, eliminating the negative perceptions built up over many years, and recognizing the importance of work-life balance for both men and women. Increased exposure to successful and happy orthopaedic surgeons, both male and female, can help accomplish those keys. 350c69d7ab


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